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Sander Steins (Nijmegen, 6 April 1973) grew up in a working-class family in the village of Berg en Dal, located in the wooded area south of his place of birth.


Artist's statement

It was the summer of 1980 when I was seven years old that I sat in the back seat of my father’s blue Opel Kadett coupé and saw ...

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Curriculum Vitae

Sander has held solo and group exhibitions, has been featured in several publications all over the world and has won several awards.

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Greis & Schiefer Gallery (Frankfurt, Germany)

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Some words people said …


Sander Steins is a self taught artist from Nijmegen in the Netherlands. He’s extremely versatile: a true creative soul that finds inspiration anywhere and in all kinds of art types.

Nini Baseema

author/editor, lostateminor.com


Sander Steins was a revelation to me in this wide art world. I was surprised he is only 40 years old. Sander is at my eyes the most paradoxal artist of his generation. He is the combination of the first cry of the new born with the talent of the old man. His technic is powerful, the impulsive energy is however well controlled. He is a multidisciplinary artist of his time who gonna enter art history for sure…

Marijah Bac Cam

artist, marijah-baccam.com


Grâce aux actuels moyens légers d’une esthétique pauvre, mêlant tradition et contemporanéité les deux artistes nous introduisent à la richesse d’une lecture miniature de nos rapports au monde d’une réelle exigence.
(about 21358SMart -Sander Steins & Marijah Bac Cam-)

Christian Gattinoni

art critic, lecturer at the NPHS Arles, editor of http://www.lacritique.org