It was the summer of 1980 when I was seven years old that I ...

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Hello, I’m
I am a writer, I like to travel and I love to photograph nature places
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After Midnight

After midnightEverything around meGoes from darkInto darkerA whole universeOpens upUnfolded and untouchedAnd somehowI am never ableTo see this

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Because We Live

Because we live, Because we love, Because we build, Because we destroy,Because we are ignorance. (Model is Yiting. Photos are 66x44cm printed on Baryta 325).

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On an Uninhabited Island

In the vast ocean of the internet, we find ourselves increasingly living on islands. Major tech companies such as Google, Meta, Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon have long been determining what you see,...

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Burning Factories

A small series of five little paintings on 41x32cm (16.1×12.6 inch) 400 g/m² paper. I made these artworks back in 2014, when I created a lot of abstract paintings. Chimneys and factories are...

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The Art of Sharing Enough

In the first three months of 2024 I already created over 100 paintings and collages. I worked on a lot of portrait projects and produced several music tracks. In between I wrote a lot of small...

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