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Am I the next big thing in the art world?

A lot of people still believe that art is all about sharing conversations and freedom, but if you have some strong principles you have to be aware that there will be almost no place for you in this hyper commercial and hypocritical art world. And don’t get me wrong… it is perfectly fine for you to try making it into your daily job. You’ll find out that you often have to drop all your principles, pride and personality to be seen/heard in this overcrowded art world. But I have some great news for you! I made a nice check list to navigate in the huge art jungle, so you can become the next big thing in just a few steps:

I have some great news for you!

  • follow every trend (NFT) and jump on every hype train (I repeat: NFT) possible
  • having a supercool social media presence (IG!) were you have to act very successful and remember: 10k followers sounds waaaay better as 9999 followers
  • throw away your money on participating on all kinds of ‘pay to play’ exhibitions and art fairs
  • compete with your peers in every cool looking art application (and of course keep paying those entry fees) so you can build your resume with exotic places all over the entire world
  • show tons of selfies online in your super large, bright and white art studio filled with plants to show that you care about the environment (and if you are a woman, be as naked as possible)
  • spend your hard earned money by using the services of shady agents and people who ‘believe’ in your work, but actually give a shit
  • be loud because the louder the better
  • when you sell artworks, show these unique moments to as many people as possible, because they all have to know you are a successful and above all: selling artist!
  • if trends are successful: copy them!
  • dress like a complete douche (and -again- if you are a woman, be as naked as possible)
  • if you can not find enough ‘followers’ just buy them, because everything online is about manipulation
  • abuse charities and sensitive subjects for your own ego/good
  • talk about how much you love the community and share this love 24/7 with your fans
  • fly over the entire world to create awareness for your next cool NFT project to save the planet
  • brag, brag, brag and did I say that you have to brag as much as possible

Enjoy a smooth ride kids!