Curriculum Vitae

Sander Steins (Nijmegen, 1973)
The Netherlands
Languages: Dutch, English, German

Solo Exhibitions

2015 “Selected Works” Greis & Schiefer Online Gallery, Frankfurt (Germany)
2013 “Selected Works”, Klein Podium, Novio Arte, Nijmegen (Netherlands)
2009 “Fragments”, Studiekunst, Beek/Ubbergen (Netherlands)
2009 “Elements”, Royal Haskoning, Nijmegen (Netherlands)

Group Exhibitions

2017 “Transition”, The Storey Institute, Lancaster (United Kingdom)
2016  “Revolution”, University of Suffolk Campus, Ipswich (United Kingdom)
2016 “Karuizawa New Art Museum”, Nagano (Japan)
2016 “Art Eindhoven”, Klokgebouw, Eindhoven (Netherlands)
2016 “#TwitterArtExhibition”, Trygve Lie Gallery, New York (USA)
2015 “Art Connection 15”, Aswara Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
2014 – 2015 “Focus Latin America: Art Is Our Last Hope”, curated by Nicole Royse, Shade Gallery/monOrchid, Phoenix (USA)
2014 “1 ère édition de la Triennale Internationnale Prix Constraste”, Galerie Contraste, Fribourg (Switzerland)
2014 “4e biennale SUDestampe”, Galerie la Salamandre , Nîmes (France)
2014 “RN Structure”, Guoyi Art Museum, National Gallery of Fine Arts, Beijing (China)
2014 “Focus On Latin America: Art Is Our Last Hope”, curated by Dr. Vanessa Davidson, Gabriela Muñoz and Averi Gutiérrez, Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix (USA)
2014 “8. Ausstellung Miniatur in der bildenden Kunst”, Galerie Altes Rathaus, Fürstenwalde (Germany)
2014 “Salon Réalités Nouvelles”, Paris (France)
2014 “From Dolce Vita To The Great Beauty”, Rome (Italy)
2014 “Art Crasher”, Venice Arts Gallery, Los Angeles (USA)
2014 “48 Stunden Nuekölln”, Berlin (Germany)
2014 “Borders”, Central Station, Strasbourg (France)
2014 “Su/Water”, KargART, Istanbul (Turkey)
2013 “Myths and Legends of Eastern Europe, part 2”, curated by Iryna berezhko, Galerie LWW, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
2013 FLATFILE (with Kae Seak), Nagano (Japan)
2011 The Ambassadors, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
2008 A & D Gallery, London (United Kingdom)
2008 “Souvenirs De Vacances”, Gallery L’art de Rien, Paris (France)
2006 “Kunstvlaai 6, Motherland”, curated by Irina Birger and Katja Sokolova, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Press / Publications

2016 Apricity issue #1, cover, p10-36 and 45 (Ireland)
2016 Tallulah Magazine, Volume 2, p.18-19 and 33 (UK)
2015 Ghost Magazine online 15 June (United Kingdom)
2015 Empty Mirror Magazine online 21 April (USA)
2014, “21358SMart Des lectures miniatures du monde” by art critic Christian Gattinoni, 10/11 (France)
2014 Artension, Hors Série n14 “Abstraction”, p.76 (France)
2014 Chip Foto Video, Nr.77, p. 80-85 (Netherlands)
2014 Art Move, Issue 3, Cover and p. 08-09 (USA)
2014 ARTiculAction, January issue, p. 40-49 (Italy)
2013 Sander Steins, iARTistas, #5, p. 52-57 (USA)
2012 Photography Masters Cup Journal, Vol. 01 Professional Issue, p. 21 (USA)
2012 Wacom review, Advanced Photoshop, Uitgave 34, p. 92-93 (Netherlands)
2010 Sander Steins, Advanced Photoshop, Uitgave 21, p. 22-27 (Netherlands)
2008 Industriële Fashion, Advanced Photoshop, Uitgave 1, p. 78 (Netherlands)
2006 Dutch Delight, UCElife magazine, Vol. 04, 2006, p. 74-83 (USA)
2006 Palais Royal, Cosmopolitan Hong Kong, December 2006, p. 318-325 (Hong Kong)

Professional Experience

2016 –  Pop My Mind ambassador and talent scout at (UK)
2016 Peter Millard & Partners (London, UK), delivering five artworks for a hotel in Spain
2013 Kant Kino, “Father Worked In Industry”, art direction, photography for Alfa Matrix
2010 “Het Beste Uit AVRO De Sandwich”, art direction, design, photography for AVRO/AGMusic
2009 Colleen, “Postcards Of Atlantis”, art direction and design for AGmusic

Awards / Recognitions

2017 Color Awards Photo Masters Cup, 10th Edition, Nominated for the finals in the category Architecture
2015 19th October Saatchi Artist of the Day
2014 Prix at Salon Réalités Nouvelles (France)
2014 Kunstpreis der Stadt Fürstenwalde (Germany) / 1st art prize of the city Fürstenwalde (Germany)
2012 Color Awards Photo Masters Cup, 5th Edition, Honorable Mention in the category Architecture


Works held in private collections in the Netherlands, Germany, USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Uruguay and Malaysia.